Pace PutterTechnique

Never 3 Putt again!

​Pace Putter Technique

​Congratulations and welcome to Pace Putter Technique. Soon, and I mean son you will be amazed at how this simple technique will change the way you see the hole on the green and how that new vision will boost your confidence 110%. You will no longer dread long putts and  you will now have the feel for putting the ball close or even in the hole with every putt. 

The Idea:

This section is simply rest of the story. If you would like to know how this all came about it has a neat little twist in the end as to why I do what I do. This section is not, however, necessary to learn the technique. If you are a person that does not like the fluff and just want to get right to it go directly to “The Visuals.”

The Visuals:

This section is where the rubber meets the road and we begin our journey. Unlike “The Idea,” this section not only cannot be skipped but it must be your starting point in order to understand, practice and execute the Pace Putter Technique.

The Method:

This section is where you begin to implement the technique. At this point you are out on the green and starting to get that feeling of confidence. It will be an amazing change in your psyche. You will realize that now you have a tool that will afford you the trust you absolutely have to have in your putting stroke.

The Practice:

By this point you understand the Pace Putter Technique. Now you need to perfect it so that it becomes second nature. This section will give you all the exercises you need to do just that.


​If you would like to comment or critic the system, you can do that here. You comments would be greatly appreciated and will help evolve the process.